Sole Disability

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Today I would like to show you exactly why being a sneaker head, sneaker enthusiast, sneaker collector or whatever label you choose, does not discriminate in regards to physical capabilities. I would like to introduce Ms. Toya, a lovely woman who suffers from HIBM (Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy). It is a neuromuscular disorder characterized by muscle weakness. I’m not a doctor, so I will not dig any deeper into that and if you are interested you can do some research in your spare time. At this point in time Ms. Toya has been dealing with this disease since 2012.


Ms. Toya has always loved sneakers, but at some point she needed to alter the types of sneakers she would wear for comfort and stability due to losing the ability to walk without assisted devices. With a disability, you can still walk or roll in style. You can still find ways to express your passion in a modified way. I believe Ms. Toya can be an inspiration to many who are in her predicament. I hope that this blog post can also bring awareness to the importance of having a sense of inclusion for individuals living with disabilities.


It’s a blessing for Ms. Toya to be able to get up everyday and do little things, that able people take for granted. She really loves that she is still able to drive, since she loves to be on the go. Her presence is always wanted by her friends and her personality is amazing. Her optimistic outlook on life is contagious and influences everyone around her near or far. I honor the fact that she is not letting this disability own her, instead she is owning the disability.

To be in the shoes of Ms. Toya, it requires confidence, energy and passion. I want the world to know that individuals living with a disability are of importance just like the next person. Disabilities come in a variety of forms, but I realized that the real disability in life are for individuals who can’t find joy in their life. Tomorrow is promised to no one and you should live your life to the fullest, love and support those near and dear to you and laugh more than you cry. Make memories, share experiences, discuss passion and influence the future.


The NDF is currently trying to reach a goal of $2.5 Million to fund Gene Therapy. If you would like to read up on the disease or even donate to the cause, please visit . If this goal is reached, a private foundation is going to match the $2.5M so that the NDF can develop gene therapy for individuals suffering with GNE Myopathy.


Instagram: @chillmami_toya

Favorite Sneaker: Jordan 3

Current Comfort Sneaker: New Balance 574




One comment on “Sole Disability

  1. This is amazing. Besides her being optimistic, the blessing was you writing about this and creating that awareness because many do not know about HIBM!

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